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If you ever have the great fortune to have any aspect of IT, data base or web services provided by Fortis Logic you will never be sorry. For well over a decade I have had the great pleasure of experiencing their extraordinary services on many different jobs, contracts, employers, etc.

--Josephine Mooney, Marketing Consultant

As the manager for Pace Homes, a custom homes builder, the last thing that I want to concern myself about in the daily operations of my business are computer problems. The computers in our offices are tools for managing the accounting, supply chain, and customer relationships matters for the business, and I expect these tools to work. When there is a problem, I turn to Fortis Logic for a solution.

--Bob Hammond, Vice President, Pace Homes, Inc.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the service that Fortis Logic has provided to us over the years. Your staff is always prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable about our office network and computer systems. I especially like that you have helped us transition to a more flexible system that allows us to access our accounting data and documents via secure connections from outside the office.

--Robert Ruais, ARCAP, LC.